Here’s what I reference all the time, is new, I think is cool, or have yet to forget regarding Metasploit… and I’m still probably missing a ton of cool stuff.
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First off, read this:
It’s really good… No, seriously, go get it now…
Index of content:

  • Metasploit Unleashed:
  • The Metasploit Megaprimer (on
  • The Offensive Security Ohio Chapter Metaploit/Pentesting Class (recorded by Security Justice podcast):
  • Chris Gates on Auxillary Scanners and Rob Fuller on Metasploit Magic:
  • Ryan Lynn on Metasploit Tips and Tricks: 
  • Metasploitable and Walkthroughs by G0tMi1k
  • Defeating Exploit Defenses and Porting Exploits to Metasploit by Dino Dai Zovi:
  • MiTM Attacks with Metasploit:
  • Extending and Automating in Metasploit:
  • Other Metasploit Goodies:
  • Neurosurgery with Meterpreter (by Colin Ames of Attack Research):
  • Beyond Exploits: Real World Penetration Testing:
  • Metasploit for Web Attacks:
  • The Louisville Metasploit Class (on

I recommend to read the full article if you are Metasploit fun, you can read it here

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